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Like many, when you started your business, you probably started off small. Maybe it was just you, at your kitchen table, managing other commitments as you worked hard to build a successful company. Unlike a lot of new businesses, if you’re reading this, then you pulled it off, and got to where you are today.

You started to expand, win new clients, take on new staff, and move from that kitchen table to your own premises. You felt like you’d arrived.

But then coronavirus came along. That shiny new office you had was suddenly out-of-bounds. Your staff were all working from home, and abnormal was the new normal.

You made it through the worst of the storm, to your credit, and managed to stay afloat, but the additional costs of rent and support staff never stopped, and weighed heavy on your already diminishing bottom line.

But you also realised a few things along the way. You realised that you didn’t miss that grinding commute every morning (who would?). And you started to feel more engaged and effective, having the space to focus, away from others, back at home. Maybe, you got to thinking, it wasn’t so bad when I first started up? It all seemed simpler?

But who would deal with all the admin?

No one knows where the next six months will take the business community, as we face the aftermath of coronavirus, recessionary pressures, and new approaches to working. But we do know that, more than ever, staying lean, dynamic, and flexible, should be the new normal.

By removing unnecessary overheads you can create resilience in your business to weather the storm ahead. More than this however, getting rid of your physical office space and support staff could be the start of something new. Imagine being able to run your business from wherever you are in the world, knowing that your admin and accounting is taken care of? Lockdown happens, no worries. Recession hits, no problem. Everything turns out fine and you’d really like a week in the sun, great, you can! After all, didn’t we go into business to be our own bosses?

So is the head office dead? Maybe, maybe not, but it’s not looking as attractive as it once did, especially in an uncertain future. Maybe it’s time to consider alternatives.

Our Head Office offers a complete admin and accounts outsourcing solution, at the fraction of the cost of renting physical premises and employing a team. Future proofed.

Call us today and let’s see if we can provide an alternative way of working that would not only help you through these strange times, but allow your business to fly at the other end.