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We’ve all been there. Its tax time again and we scrabble to get our records together to hand over to the accountant in the vain hope that they’ll be able to decipher the quagmire and get us to the other side headache free and with as little tax to pay and no fines.

And we think, “they know what they’re doing, they’ll be able to sort it out, and they always look after me”.

But do they look after you, really? Can they look after you?

How can we expect our accountants to serve us properly if the raw material that we give them isn’t up to scratch?

Just like you, they’re trying to earn a living, and they can only spend so much time on your job. And that time quickly gets eaten up getting the basic record keeping sorted when things aren’t in order.

So here’s the million pound question:

Do you want to be paying your accountant to sort your mess out, or do you want to be paying them to add value, and save you tax? I know which one I’d want.

With proper records, and organised, reconciled books, your accountant can do so much more. Save you money on your tax bill, help you understand the performance of your business, discuss your future plans, and look to the future and your exit strategy, to name just a few.

Because getting the basics sorted, means you can start to think strategically, and thinking strategically means you can run your business more effectively, and increase your profits.

So don’t let your poor record keeping hold back your potential, give us a call today and let’s get your accountant to start doing what they should be.