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We started our business with the best of intentions and grew quickly, and in those early days growth was rapid, and profits were good. Like any new business, we needed to keep costs low and tried to save money by doing our own administration and finances.

We found very quickly that as we grew, the administrative burden grew with us. More and more of our energy and attention was diverted away from delivering a great service, to chasing invoices and paying staff. The service started to suffer, we started to lose customers, and revenues and profitability started to go down.

Then Paul and the team at Our Head Office swooped in and their services were a real game-changer. Not only did they free up our time and let us focus on what was important (whilst being safe in the knowledge that an expert was looking after the numbers), but they also helped us grow and expand our business, lower our costs, and increase profits. Now we’re match fit and perform at the top of our game, day in, day out. Every penny we spend with Our Head Office is worth it, we wouldn’t be where we are today without them.

No one starts a business to spend time doing their accounts, and so these days I let someone else worry about that and focus on what I’m good at.

Luke Wilson, Director & Owner
Game-On Coaching Limited
A sports coaching and education business.