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Natures Pantry

When I first opened my shop, I did it because I knew I had a great idea that would meet a genuine demand in the local community. I didn’t really consider the financial and administrative aspects until it was too late.

I found myself bogged down with confusing demands on my time; about tax, VAT, payroll and the like – which very quickly took the spark out of both me and my shop.

Paul and his team were a breath of fresh air. They were approachable and friendly, and spoke my language. No problem was too small. They kept me in the loop, but also didn’t overburden me with technical knowledge that I didn’t need. I didn’t have to worry about whether I was doing the right thing anymore, because I knew everything was in hand.

These days I can actually get on with running my business, in the knowledge that I have a complete head office team behind me every step of the way.

Eve Higgs, Business Owner
Natures Pantry

Green grocers and local products store