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One Vision Security

I was running a successful business and whilst I knew I wasn’t an expert when it came to finance, I felt competent and in control. At the time I couldn’t see a reason for outsourcing, but these days I’m a convert.

The advice and expertise that Paul and his team bring to our business is invaluable. We started using their services when we had a large investment decision to make and his knowledge guided us through a labyrinth of potential problems. After this we slowly had the team handle more and more of our processes and this has reduced costs, allowed us to stay in our current offices, and improved our productivity, and ultimately our bottom line.

Sometimes as a business owner you have to admit what your strengths are, and where you would benefit from the help of an external expert. Now I know that my investment in Paul and his team is actually an investment in my own business’s future.
I only have one regret: that I didn’t do it earlier.

Paul Bent, Director & Owner
One Vision Security Limited
National security systems